“Then there were days, when I couldn’t drag myself up, get dressed up and show up with that fake smile.
I couldn’t tell who was more tired? My body or my soul?
What was more broken? My heart or my mind?
Like all the other deadlines, we are allowed only a certain amount of time for being sad. And when that has passed, even the people close to us grow tired of us being sad, depressed or confused. Truth is, at the end of the day, it’s you alone in your fight. Fight for your own happiness. The contentment. Fight for your inner peace.

Sometimes, the smallest of fights take the biggest pieces of us.”

–An excerpt from my new article ‘The lost pieces of me’. 😊


Here I stand,
a seemingly serene girl.
It’s so loud inside my head.
When you look in my eyes,
You see the storm in my soul?
The longer I stand here,
The louder this silence.
Where do I run to,
Who do I confide to.
Is there an escape?