Happy “Over-rated” New Year!

What exactly comes to your mind when I say “The most over-rated events of the year”. Well, a number of them will pop in your mind. For how I see, one of the over-rated event in  a year is “New year eve”.
New Year eve – As the new year approaches, in no time will your facebook news feed will be flooded with ‘new year resolutions’ and promises to self to live the life fully in the coming year. I mean, Seriously? Does it really make a difference? The new year eve can give you an excuse to go wild, party hard till midnight and end it with the countdown. How exactly does that one night change your life? Your life’s gonna be as crappy the next day as it was the day before. You’re gonna wake up on the same bed, go to the same workplace and be surrounded with the same people. Understandably, the wishing process always goes on and we always wish things to happen. But wishing that one eve suddenly grants you all that you wish for in life and things fall into place as you want them. That’s unrealistic and childish. Yes, the concept of coming new year may give you the motivation for a fresh start but nothing is going to change until unless you are ready to make changes within yourself.

“You’re your own master. Before you expect, remember: 2015 will be the same as 2014. If you do the same things, with the same people”


So let the new year encourage you to take a fresh start. Try to not repeat the mistakes you made last year. Make new friends and discover your life more. But do make an effort to let these things happen. Don’t expect these things to come to you just like that. Don’t just sit there wishing and expecting. Get your dose of motivation from the event, enjoy and just don’t go on over-rating the event. After all, it’s just a day like any other day. 🙂

“My new year’s resolution is to stop lying to myself about making lifestyle changes.”

What were your new year resolutions? Belated Happy new year! 🙂