Busy Doing Nothing

It’s been quite sometime that I’ve posted or written something. I did start writing an article but didn’t complete it. The reason? I was busy doing nothing 😛
‘Busy doing nothing’, the time-off all of us need every now and then. It’s actually the time when you disconnect and enjoy your own company. There so much to do for yourself in that “doing nothing”. We all can relate to this because we do it from time to time.
This ‘doing nothing” consists of :
1: Clinomania : Desire to stay in bed all day. If not that, wake up real late. Now that it’s winter, this is the killer one. Only if you could take your quilt and bed with you everywhere. Ah! The Charms of Winter.

giphy (9)

2: Not having to set the alarm for next day or for just anything. Now that’s some real happiness.
3: Long Hot Baths: First, you don’t want to step in the shower. When you actually step in there’s no way you’re coming out until you run out of all the hot water.

giphy (8)4: Stay in your pajamas the whole day or wear clothes that are double your size.
giphy (11)

5: Occupy the couch in front of the television. Staying there for ages and in case you lose the remote control you’re too lazy to reach for it.
giphy6: Eat all you can. Who knows you might as well end up cooking for yourself.
giphy (13)7: Not wanting to move an inch. Unless you really have to.
giphy (15)8 : Surfing the internet and most probably end up stalking some random people’s profile. Ending up with over 20 tabs open, with all the random stuff that you kept opening.
giphy (12)9: Keep procrastinating: You keep delaying things that you had to do and shift them to your later plans.

10: The only decision you have to make is whether you should eat or sleep or how many other ways are there to do nothing.
giphy (16)Well to people we may seem to be doing nothing but Oh hey! we’re really busy at the cellular level or who knows we might actually be waiting actively for our problems to go away.Afterall, it’s hard to do nothing. You never know when you’re finished. 😛

How do you kill your time when you are just too lazy to do anything?

Do share your thoughts. 🙂

That’s for now. Keep following for the “new year” article.