Late Replies & their lame excuses!


We liveΒ in the world of technology. Texting is a normal daily routine in our time.

In the world of texting, there are two types of people: The good, nice people who reply back instantly and others who take ages to reply.

Late replies are not welcomed by anyone. They trigger a whole lot of different feelings. For instance, when you text a friend with an immediate urge to have a conversation about some saucy gossip or anything and they don’t reply back while you sit there waiting like ‘going once, going twice, going thrice… do I see a reply?’ And nah, still no reply. The very first feeling you have is to pick up a baseball bat and go beat the crap out of the person. In other instances when the person replies to you after a day or two and they be like ‘Oh hey! What’s up? ‘. At that time you don’t feel anything like that and all you want to do is ignore the mere fact that they ever texted back.

The primary feelings when expecting a text are experienced by almost everyone (psst people in relationships experience more intense feelings :-P).When waiting eagerly for a reply and not getting one, its followed by :
– Frustration & anger: ‘Oh hey no one’s idle. In a big, big and busy world I chose to text you, so even if you’re busy the least I expect is a quick reply or a reply, at all’. There, that tiny bit of expectation is what ignites the anger and frustration.


– Making assumptive excuses: ‘He/she might be sleeping’, ‘He/she might be out’ and our mind goes on & on to make assumptions and excuses on the part of other person, just for our own peace of mind.
– Sadness: Still after so long, no reply arrives. You feel a subtle wave of sadness. This ones very true for the one who texts first. It feels like maybe the other person isn’t interested in having a conversation as much as you are. Then you repent your move of texting first. Maybe this has made you seem ‘needy’ or you are just disturbing the other person.

Let’s not just give ‘late replies’ that much of a bad name. Sometimes, late replies are in your best interest. They signify to be thoughtful and have been carefully assembled. Oh well! At other times they are not and people make up lame excuses to reason for their late replies.

giphy (1)

Five most common and lame excuses that people use are:
1: I didn’t get your message
This is the new ‘dog ate my homework’. Period.
2: I was out
Oh? Where? On mars? With no network coverage or on the sun that your cellphone melted.
3: I didn’t see your message.
Seriously? In an era when Facebook, instagram, dictionary, & blah blah, have shifted to phones. You don’t miss out a message. You even open the network service messages.
4: I was on call
Oh really for like 6 hours continuous? Or a day?
5: I didn’t have the credit to reply.
Ummm… Facebook, whatsapp, BBM, viber all dead? RIP?

So share how you feel when you’re expecting a text and your experiences. And what do you think about this article?


17 thoughts on “Late Replies & their lame excuses!

  1. I can relate to this post big time! I’m in a long distance relationship, and although I am the least needy, jealous or over protective boyfriend in the world, and although I would NEVER dream of telling my girlfriend.. When I see ‘last active …’ on whatsapp and I dont have a reply, I cant help but get a bit caught up inside.. Like ‘wtf are you doing?’… But I have to admit it has gotten easier recently.. I guess you just get used to it over time!

    PS great post, and your style of writing is brilliant πŸ™‚


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