Beginning Of a New Chapter

21st November, 2014 This blog was born because I love writing. I feel writing is the easiest way of being expressive especially for people like me who tend to think a lot about stuff but don’t say much. The kind that are obsessed with quotes.The kind of people who read around dozens of quotes, relate to them and be like “Oh! That’s so me!”. Quotes are nothing but life lessons & thoughts in words.

“Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.”

On this blog, I’ll write about situations that almost all of us encounter every day and will be able to relate to. Some of them would be light and funny situations and then there would be some situations which require a second thought. Everyone has a different insight into a situation and I’ll be penning down mine over here. Let see how relatable that turns out to be.

Enjoy reading!


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